Skill Up West Somerset

Skill Up Apprenticeship and Jobs Fair 2021


Wednesday, 2nd June 2021  (8.30am – 7.00pm)


Calling all potential exhibitors – Skill Up Somerset are bringing you this exciting opportunity

If you are looking for future employees or have vacancies you would like to fill, then this is the place to be.
From the comfort of your own screen you can provide information about your company and promote your opportunities to a wide audience and capture those actively looking for apprenticeships and employment in your area or with your company.
Engage with jobseekers via live chat and upload resumes for future reference, bringing you and potential candidates closer together.

The Cost: This event is FREE to take part in

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Virtual Event

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021  (8.30am – 7.00pm)

This year’s Apprenticeship and Jobs Fair is going Virtual!!!

What does this mean?

Instead of the usual face to face events we run, this year we are excited to be hosting a virtual event through a company called VFairs – .

We are anticipating a much greater visitor reach with this format, with most Secondary schools across Somerset invited to attend the Virtual Fair and greater access to parents and the public during the day and in the evening.

We would like to invite you to promote your company at the Fair in a bespoke exhibition space by means of a Virtual Exhibitor Booth.

What is a Virtual Exhibitor Booth?

The Virtual Exhibitor Booths are packed with features that visitors can interact with. You can host images, brochures, data sheets and play videos to bring your booth to life – the sky’s the limit!!.  

Each booth is highly configurable to enable you to customise your space with your own branding and style.  You can even have free-flowing two-way communication with attendees during the day, through chat facilities, to bring about a more engaging interactive experience.

We can support you in bringing your virtual booth together and can link you up with a media company for that very polished promotional video if needs be.

Your exhibitor booth could look something like this


Our visitors will be able to log on at any time during the event, we will be inviting students from local schools/colleges to attend throughout the day and we anticipate a large number of young people from across the region taking part.  We will also target other job seekers, parents / carers with the added bonus that we can market this event to a much wider audience – who can all log on from the comfort of their homes.

Visitors will access the event by means of registration and once logged on will land in our event lobby,   from here they will be able to navigate to the exhibition hall where our virtual exhibitors will be ready and waiting.  Visitors can interact directly with exhibitors through means of a chat facility, Q&A and they will be able to save and download information to their brief case which they can access throughout the day, and for a period of time after the event, or email to themselves for future reference.  Visitors can up-load resumes and apply for jobs along with accessing webinars and presentations that will be taking place throughout the day in the virtual conference hall.

If you would like more information about hosting a webinar in the conference hall please let us know!


The event runs from 8.30am – 7.00pm and we would expect exhibitor booths to be virtually manned during this time, to give the visitor and the exhibitor the best possible experience.

Cost – This event is FREE to take part in

Benefits of Exhibiting

  • No expensive event costs – travel, promotional materials, staffing and time
  • You can update your booth as you go in the lead up to the event
  • You can man your booth from the office, home or from a mobile device
  • Get your name and branding out to thousands of people in one event
  • Market job and recruitment opportunities
  • Visitors will have permanent downloadable resources to access after the event


What next?

If you would like to take part in this virtual event please request a booking form and return to Sarah Johnson –

If you would like to discuss further please do give me a call on 07714 396346

Sarah Johnson
Event Co-ordinator, Apprenticeship & Jobs Fair


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